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Andri + Fransiska

Andri + Fransiska

The five beautiful things I witness when I watch this video: 
20 of their friends are willing to be supportive bridesmaid and groomsmen,
How siska is truly moved by her friend’s special gesture during preparation,
How Andri shed a tears of joy when he saw Siska walked down the aisle with her dad,
How beautiful and sincere their vows are,
and how everyone, literally everyone, is so touched by it.

Just a simple plain truth of how you are loved by your family and friends. This day is trully represent what wedding day supposed to look like, the day of love. The day of celebration, the day which content with pure happiness that we share with our beloved ones.

I wish a package of joy for both Andri and Siska, to live a life full of sweetness and love. Thank you for letting us be a part of your fairytale day! <3

Andri + Marissa

Andri + Marissa

Every now and then, I still get very excited watching wedding videos; I love seeing the happy soon-to-be husband and wife getting ready on their wedding day. The bride waking up early in the morning to get her make up done, the best man teasing the groom to make him feel less nervous, the parents been waiting for this happy day to see their grown up kids finally starting their own family. It's just lovely to see Andri and Marissa had a great time from preparation until the matrimony, sacred ceremony ended up with laughter, the funny groomsmen were so into the games, literally everyone looks so happy! For us to be able to witness all the scenes and to see the endless excitement from both sides is just priceless.

I wish all the best blessings to this happy couple, Andri and Marissa! May both of you have a wonderful wedded life! 

Leo + Rita

Leo + Rita

“… di hadapan Allah dan jemaatnya, aku, Leonardi Thamron, mengaku dan menyatakan, menerima dan mengambil mu sebagai istriku, sebagai suami yang beriman aku berjanji untuk memelihara hidup kudus dengan mu dan akan tetap mengasihimu, pada waktu berkelimpahan walaupun berkurangan, pada waktu sehat maupun sakit, dan tetap merawatmu dengan setia sampai kematian memisahkan kita.”  - Leonadi Thamron

I’m sure everyone agrees that wedding vow is one of the most important essential and integral parts in a wedding ceremony. There are two different types of wedding vows, the traditional and the non-traditional (modern) one.  Some weddings don’t allow the couple to write down their own vows, usually related to tradition rules or religious beliefs. According to Elizabeth Abbot, who has written many books about marriage, groom and bride began writing their own vows in the mid of 19th century, which consider very radical at that time. As of now, I think a modern wedding vow is more likely to be a personal promise with a twist of creative art form. Many couples find their inspiration from books, movies, love poems or even song lyrics, some other couple decide to write lovely things about their significant other and who is he/she means to them, or how they meet etc etc. However no matter which way they prefer, wedding vow will always end with the words of commitment towards each other because that’s what a wedding vow truly means; a solemn promise by two persons who decided to stand strong through every thick and thin! 

We would loved to congratulate Leo and Rita for this sweet happy wedding! 




" Thank you guys! we love the video so much "
Rita Herlim


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" Just want to say super duper thank you for being part of my big day!! Everyone loved the same day edit!! "


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