Jul 2014

Hilton & Angela: Spend A Lifetime With You

We never know whose heart we belong to in the end. But if the happiness that we've been looking for, then sure it's the best we choose to be with someone we love most to spend a lifetime together. That's what happened when Angela decided who's her prince of the day and night for the rest of her life. He is Hilton, a man who shows her what the real love is.

Love that I feel when we close our eyes with a breeze of the wind and the image that appears in mind is only you. And the happiness is coming home and knowing there is someone waiting with a warm big hug. Home is you and I together. 

Congratulation and have a wonderful life together Hilton & Angela.

Alain & Sherly: Together As One

Finally our romantic couple made it as a husband and wife. Gracefully walking and sharing the love together as one. No more worries and burden. With full supports from their loved ones, now they are ready to spend their lives together under the same roof, same home, their own palace.

Happy wedding Alain & Sherly, always happy together and forever.

Alain + Sherly: Proposal Prewed

This is a pre-wedding video with a proposal in it. It's the idea of the man Alain, who wants to surprise his love Sherly.

He collected all the cute postcards from his loved ones to be given as a gift to Sherly and all wrapped in a sophisticated box. He also decorated the side of the pool with beautiful red and white roses. That is where the happiest and romantic moment for a girl will be held.

This is one of the most beautiful proposal ever.


Reonald & Irene: Our Unforgettable Moment

In some countries, rain symbolizes fertility and fortune. Even it was raining, it didn't make this love birds stop to cheer and have some fun to take some video shoots in a beautiful golf course where they held the holy matrimony. Hope the happy rainy day brings a good luck and happiness to this new family and fill with some cute children.

With groomsmen and bridesmaids and the whole family that can always warm up this important day, this once in a lifetime event will always be their lovely and unforgettable moment.

Congratulation and have an awesome new chapter of life Reonald & Irene.

Jeffri & Devine: Made For Each Other

Here comes the happiest couple in the world, Jeffri & Devine. Took place in a beautiful place Shangri-La hotel. Their never ending smiles bright up the room as to show to everyone this is the day they've been waiting for since they're sure that they were made for each other.

They couldn't hold the tears falling down but it's for the worthy one, it's after they made a promise to love each other in ups and downs, for best and worst times. But our wish there is only happiness surrounding this nice and humble couple always.

Congratulation and happy wedding Jeffri & Devine.

Vincent + Winnie (Prewed): Together in Love

Our coolest couple Vincent & Winnie making a pre wedding video of their hobbies. Winnie who loves collecting branded stuffs and Vincent who feels his freedom riding motorcycle everywhere he goes. 

And it's getting more awesome when they want to put on the proposal video and photos to the pre wedding video. They really have a great moment and who doesn't want to see this breathtaking and romantic moment for the girls around the world.

And now they are together in a moment for a lifetime. Together in a sacred love.

Albert & Steffi: Passionately To Be With You

Albert and Steffi are very sweet lovebirds. Mix the prewed that we shot in Singapore about spending their fun time there with the preparation and the holy matrimony when they made a promise to be one entity.

When it comes to love it's should be easy and not complicated. And when they're ready for the next step, they took it passionately to spend a lifetime together.

This happy couple deserves their miraculous journey for sure. Happy wedding Albert & Steffi.

Victor & Paulina: Love You Unconditionally

The wedding highlight of Victor and Paulina. This happy couple really has a wonderful and beautiful wedding ceremony. They're really excited to be as one entity. 

Victor feels blessed that God sent her to his life and he promised to care and comfort her when she's sad. Paulina also promised to accompany him watching soccer match and try her best to be more patient when he's cranky. That's why they are perfect for each other because they accept the good and bad sides that are what we call unconditional love.

Congratulation Victor & Paulina. May you blessed with a happy marriage and a lot of cute kids coming.

Daniel & Irene: When Love Hits Hard

Just like a romantic movie, Daniel is a doctor who met Irene the beautiful patient. This full of smile couple couldn't resist when love hit them hard. And they decided to be together.

Really elegant wedding mixed with the pre wedding shot at a beautiful place. Daniel and Irene, together tied in a sacred love began their journey to share love for the rest of their lives. No more worries, today and from now on it's just happiness fulfill their marriage.

Happy wedding Daniel & Irene :)

Marco + Nita (Prewed): I See The Beautiful You

Our first video using special effect and 3 "iPhones"

2 days of shooting with this lovely couple who can cooperate really well. For the cooking scene they really made the spaghetti, we tried and it tasted really yummy. 

The video itself is about how Marco makes a surprise through video and photo to show how much he loves Nita and how he sees the beauty in her. Everything went so good like you can see in this video.

They both are sweet and romantic. They're meant to be.