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As a woman, I understand how it feels to want a perfect, beautiful, romantic wedding. After all, it is considered as one of the most important event in the history of mankind. In where I live (Jakarta, Indonesia), the wedding day is a real big deal. Indonesians love huge magnificent weddings. For couples who have the cash to burn, they will splurge insane amounts of money on their wedding event to make it as perfect as possible, an elaborate wedding can have over two thousand guests on the big day itself!


So, what does it take to plan for that perfect wedding you’ve always dreamed of?

When I was working at a particular company in the marketing division, I got to meet and talk to different couples who were preparing for their big day.  The opportunity to take a peek into their wedding preparation really enriched me and gave me a lot of insight into what it takes to prepare for your wedding. From the right date, engagement photos, choosing the themes, gown, foods, invites, vendors…. Yes, it’s a lot and it can be really stressful and overwhelming!  So here, I will give you 5 easy tips that will make your preparation more enjoyable and fun!


1.     Find The Date. After the bride-to-be says “YES”, the next step is to choose the right date.  Make sure your date doesn’t fall in the same day as any family events, or any other event that will affect the traffic and venue availability. (I mean, can’t just let go of that place you’ve been eyeing the whole time, can you?;))

2.     Make A Reasonable Timeline. We don’t want to rush things. Every details count. Take your time to make a good plan that will fit your schedule. Sit with your spouse and discuss.

3.     Set the budget (and stick to it!). Whether you want a big or small intimate wedding, you still need to make sure that you don’t spend too much or too little. Be flexible and prepare to make a cut in other things if you feel like you overspend in one thing.

4.     Important Details and Vendors. Once we set our budget, it will be easier to make  a decision and set priorities.  How many invites and souvenirs? What kind of theme and decoration do you want? Are you going to rent, buy or design your gown? What kind of food are you serving? Entertainment wise, are you going to have family member of friends perform on your wedding day? Hire the RIGHT vendors, tell them your plan, set meetings, work with them to create an amazing experience for both of you, them and the guests.

5.     Breath and Soak It All In. The main important thing is that you enjoy it. We don’t need under eye bag on your wedding day because you don’t get to sleep at night worrying about things. Anticipate challenge in the first place so you can prepare options and ready for solutions. Remember every event take time and effort. Once everything is almost done, take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the accomplishment. Your big day is in the blink of an eye!

Hopefully these tips will come handy for you all brides and grooms to be! Would loved to hear your insight in the comments below :] (M.W)


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